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Pastor Gerardo Ferace
Iglesia Nueva Vida, San Francisco, Argentina

I am deeply grateful to the Lord for the life and ministry of Pastor Tim Anderson and especially for having brought ICR to Argentina. Each year we look forward to the opportunity to gather with a large group of pastors and leaders in order to receive a Word from the Lord, to be challenged and encouraged to remain with our hand on the plow and move forward.


Any expression of gratitude would be insufficient if I tried to relate how Tim and ICR have marked my life and the lives of hundreds of pastors. Who can say how much it means for a pastor to feel a hand on his shoulder and hear "you are not alone"? Well, that's what Tim and ICR is to me. Thank you!


Pastor Rodney Bice
Bardwell Baptist Church, Bardwell, Kentucky

ICR ministry to pastors is a tremendous blessing in my life and pastoral ministry. Pastor Tim uses God's word as the catalyst to challenge, encourage, and equip pastors in every area of their life. Through ICR I have grown in my role as a husband, father, pastor, and leader. I am grateful to God for ICR and Pastor Tim's vision and passion to impact pastors of every generation.


Tim DeTellis
New Missions

The local church is the greatest force of good, globally. I am thankful to have witnessed Pastor Tim Anderson deliver encouragement and training to pastors and their wives in Haiti. The feedback I received from our churches was when is Pastor Tim Anderson returning? I thank God for the impact ICR is having on the local church, globally.


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