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The ministry of ICR was first birthed into the heart of Evangelist Manley Beasley. Bro. Manley had a deep passion to see God call men and women to repentance. He personified a life of faith and trust in the Lord Jesus that set the example for all to follow.


When God called Bro. Manley to heaven in 1990, Dr. Bill Stafford took up the mantle and the ministry of ICR has continued on for the glory of God. The Lord only knows how many pastors and leaders have been touched across the globe by the ministry of Bro. Bill and ICR. 













ICR scholarships every pastor and his wife's costs in order for them to be able to attend. ICR makes it possible for pastors and their wives to come to a conference that they otherwise could not afford to attend. 


Today you have an incredible opportunity to help keep these precious men of God on the ministry field and even open up new countries.


God has opened a great door of opportunity for ICR and I would be honored if you would pray about how God could use you to make an investment into the lives and ministries of our many pastors. 

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In 2002, Pastor Tim Anderson accepted an invitation to the South African Congress from Bro. Bill and the Lord gave Pastor Tim a deep burden for this ministry. Bro. Bill approached him soon afterwards and informed him that God was calling him to find his successor for ICR. After much prayer and fasting, God confirmed in Pastor Tim’s heart that he was to be the next person to lead ICR into the future. 


Today, Pastor Tim is having the joy of a lifetime encouraging and instructing pastors in South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Haiti, Canada and the United States about the biblical principles of revival and personal holiness. 

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